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Configuring subdomain for Ghost

Checkout this tutorial for how to setup your own domain in DO.

Next up in line, I wanted to create a subdomain for the blog. So it'll end up like blog.sohulk.pw.

This tutorial helps setup Apache for subdomains. Basically, the important point is the ServerName field. My config files looke like this:

<Virtualhost *:80>
  ServerName blog.sohulk.pw
  ServerAdmin roy.wong.80@gmail.com
  ProxyPass        /  http://localhost:2368/
  ProxyPassReverse /  http://localhost:2368/

That is not all, you'll have to setup your DNS properly.

This tutorial helps. CNAME has to be * for name, and @ for hostname. Check that your zone file reflects the changes before testing. It could take a while.

This is how my DNS setting looks like.

DNS setting

Configuring subdomain for Ghost
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