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GhostText for Sublime text

GhostText for Sublime Text

Lately I've been checking out some productivity stuffs (again).

First I found MacDown a markdown editing tool that's based on Mou


Both works similarly but I like MacDown more cause it supports Github Flavoured Markdown's fenced syntax highlighting.

But then I started to do kkklllhh and relised it doesn't work! Yes Vim navigation is an addiction.

So I went back to Sublime Text and found the Markdown Editing package. Awesome. Now I get Vim navigation and some basic markdown preview.

But there's more, I just found the GhostText package, and with Markdown Editing, its superb.


It allows you to use Sublime to enter text into text input on the web. How cool.

I'm using it now to write this blog entry. It's not flawless though. Doesn't support Safari. Doesn't work well when I do ![] . But still, it kicks arse.

GhostText for Sublime text
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