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iOS still the preferred platform in Silicon Valley

Andriod has been gained the majority of the market share, and its one platform that any business can simply ignore.

However, it seems iOS is still the preferred platform for startups in the valley Why Silicon Valley doesn’t care about Android.

Opinionated thought: I think iOS and OSX is the heart of Apple and they will do everything they can to constantly improve it.

Android? I'm not so sure if they're doing it as a hobby, or as an initiative for open source platforms. Not forgetting there's other options like Ubuntu and Firefox OS as well.

Android tries to position itself as being flexible (extendable storage, replaceable batteries etc) and customisable, while iOS is going in the direction of clean, elegant and classy designs with the motivation of "it just works".

None of them are perfect, or bad enough to simply ignore, so it really boils down to personal taste and budget.

For me, iOS is a win, cause I'd opt for clean, elegant designs and having things just work anytime, as opposed to spending time going through tons of settings to configure things to my taste. Android apps are also more prone to security and malware issues which as a user, should not have to worry about.

iOS still the preferred platform in Silicon Valley
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