IPPT Target released

IPPT Target

Its finally out in the App store yesterday!

Was waiting for review for like 8 - 9 days?

If you're a Singaporean and still needs to take IPPT annually, this app could help you reach your target score.

No, its not a trainer. It doesn't help you get fit (you should push yourself for that), but it optimizes the number of reps you have to do.

The reason I came out with this idea was because I used other IPPT calculators, but I find myself tuning the reps until I get my targeted score.

What I needed was not a calculator, but a tool to let me set my target score, and show me the minimum reps, and timing, required to achieve my goal.

So yeah, thus this app was born both as a tool to help others as well as my practice with Objective-C.

I think I may rewrite the whole thing in Swift when its released,

As of now, I'm working on a personal web project with Rails/AngularJS/MongoDB.

IPPT Target released
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