Keeping your development tools up to date

As time goes by, tools in your development environment gets bloated. Even though there are package management tools to help you out, but they are each experts in their own domain.

I have bad memory and have compiled some commands that you should run before starting any new projects (assuming you always want to keep things up to date).

Gems, rails etc

  • Check for is gem is the latest of simply just:
    • gem update --system (to update gem itself, see
    • gem update (actual update to all installed gems)


Homebrew, node, npm

  • If you installed node with homebrew, you should be able to update both node and npm along with all installed formulas with:
    • brew update
    • brew upgrade

Node packages

  • npm update -g to update all packages installed globally.
  • npm update to update packages withing project folder.


Keeping your development tools up to date
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