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X fatigue

Just some rumblings.

The first fatigue that I heard of was the Javascript fatigue. Some times used interchangeably with Front-end fatigue.

Then I heard about Notifications fatigue. Its a case where monitoring system sends you so many disjointed alerts, that you have to idea which one to start looking at first.

Of course for everyone else, there's Information fatigue, Content fatigue in general, because the internet has gone crazy.

Today, not hearing this from anywhere else, I'd like to introduce, App Fatigue. Its probably lurking out there already, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm the first to make this up.

Many years ago (10 years I think) when iPhone was released, the idea of an App that does only one thing, and doing it well was the trend. Everyone loved it.

Things were manageable in the beginning (as always), but after a few years, you find yourself switching between Apps to do stuff, and its hard to remember which App to use, which shortcuts to perform certain tasks, and of course simply the process of switching Apps, breaks your thinking process, especially on mobile. Migrating and installing Apps became a hassle too.

As always, things always appear to be cool, game changing, creative when its new. Problems only start surfacing after people actually start using them. But well, there're always pros and cons to any strategy out there.

X fatigue
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